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Important notice

Updated: 13 February 2018

View the official results of the Public Enquiry Stage on the following Draft South African Standard (DSS):

  • SANS 1535 - Steel tanks for the underground storage of hydrocarbons and oxygenated solvents

Fuel Pricing

Updated: 30 July 2018
The Department of Energy has released the new fuel prices for August 2018, reflecting the fuel adjustment effective 00H01 on Wednesday, 01 August 2018 (midnight Tuesday 31 July 2018):

93 ULP & LRP1.00Cents per litre INCREASE in Retail price
95 ULP & LRP1.00Cents per litre INCREASE in Retail price
0,05% Sulphur Content4.00Cents per litre DECREASE in Wholesale price
0,005% Sulphur Content4.00Cents per litre DECREASE in Wholesale price
Illuminating Paraffin
WHOLESALE4.00Cents per litre INCREASE in Wholesale price
SMNRP5.00Cents per litre INCREASE countrywide in the
Single Maximum National Retail Price
17.00 cents per kilogram INCREASE in maximum Retail Price

View the petroleum product prices (Zone Prices) [here].
View the latest press release [here].

Alternatively, please check with your Depot or Distributor what the Delivery Pricing Zone for your area is and then should you require confirmation of the actual pump price per your zone, please do not hesitate to contact Giselle Schoeman on (011) 886 6300 or 083 380 6352.

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Wage Resources

Download the PRAF Wage Increase Letter
Updated: 2 November 2015


Labour Resources

Managing employees is an integral part of running a business and it is unfortunate that some employers find out the hard way that sloppy handling of labour relations in the workplace can be costly and embarrassing. Download the guide below to get you on the right road with Labour Relations.

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